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Roof Repairs | Roof Leak Repairs | Metal Roof Repairs we service
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In the Houston area one of the biggest reasons for a roof repair is because of storm damage. Storm damage to a roof can cause maximum damage is a minimum amount of time and normally are identified by roof leaks. L&T General Contractors handle roof repair in Katy and all of the Houston area for all types of roofing systems. We have been in business for over 25 years and have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time. Our licensed roofer will make sure that you are completely taken care of, and help walk you through the process of filing an insurance claim for those in need of assistance. We understand the stress that a damaged roof can cause a family so it is our mission to get each client handled with urgency and work within a budget.  

When dealing with our roofing contractor in Katy, you will experience the utmost respect and he will also supply you with different options to make the process of handling roof repair or roof replacement as stress-free as possible. The first step would be to just give us a call our fill out a form and schedule a free roof inspection to identify the root of the problem so we can give you the options we suggest for you to have it taken care of. The estimate will be free and the roofing contractor will be knowledgeable and courteous at your time of need. Give us a call today at 832-567-9458, or you can just shoot us an email and we will get you taken care of in no time!
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L&T is your Trusted Roofing Repair Company Handling Roof Repairs for all Roofing Types

When looking to see if you have Roof Damage after a storm here are some helpful tips of what to look for to see if you need a roofing repair in Katy or Houston area:
  • Composite Roof or Composition Shingles: look for missing shingles, cracked or tattered shingles, and shingles that appear to be curling.
  • Wood Shingle Roofs or Shakes: look for splitting or curling of the shingles and if you can get close enough see if you can see any mold or decay.
  • Flat Roofs: look for cracks and tears, or see if you notice any areas that are blistering up or have a wrinkled look. You will also want to look for obvious patches and be sure to check the patched areas from inside the attic if you can.
  • Ridge Vents: look for damaged or clogged vents, with flashing and shingles around them that are missing or curling.
  • Gutters: Decay or rust, leaky seams, loosely attached to structure, bent or sagging, missing sections of gutter or downspout, filled with debris. Clogged gutters can easily freeze shut and cause excessive weight on gutter fasteners, ice dam conditions, and slippery walks below.
  • Chimneys: Leaning, loose or missing flashing
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Asphalt Shingle Roof Repairs

The most popular type of Roof in the Houston area is your Asphalt Shingle Roofs and Composite Roofs. The reason for this is because asphalt shingles are lightweight, durable, attractive, and priced more moderately than your other types of Roof Systems. However, if not installed properly they can lead to you needing repairs after a big thunderstorm. If you start to notice that you have a roof leak then don’t hesitate to call immediately to get a roof leak repair to ensure your homes interior is harmed with water damage.   
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Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofs and Standing Seam Metal Roofs has been growing in demand each year in the Houston area and really become a standard for a lot of new homes being built. We offer metal roof repairs for those who find themselves with a metal roof leak or notice their metal roof starting to rust or you see it starting to see a bend from the contraction of the metal. Metal roofs won’t need many repairs throughout its life cycle if installed properly but if you experience a problem with your metal roof than call our skilled roofing contractor for a free estimate.
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Tile and Slate Roof Repairs

Your tile and slate roofing styles are your more decorative types of roofing materials that give that unique and luxurious look to a home. With the heavy winds Houston can get during severe thunderstorms you may find that tiles can loosen or even crack and break if hard debris is slammed against them during a storm. We have tons of knowledge handling tile roofing repairs and installations in the Houston area. When you experience a problem with your tile or slate roof then give us a call for a free estimate on your tile roofing repairs. 
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